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Revoz is one of the biggest Slovenian companies, the only car manufacturer in the country and has been its No 1 exporter for several years. Revoz plant produces Renault model Clio.

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At Revoz as many as 4.5 million cars have been produced

If we lined up all the cars produced at Revoz plant we would be able to link Novo Mesto to Chicago!

As much as99 % of the plant’s production is export-oriented

Our one-day production volumes cover the demand of the local market.

Revoz usesby far the largest number of robots in Slovenia

Currently there are over 650 robots, moreover some parts of production process are entirely robotized.

Every minute and a half another finished vehicle leaves our assembly lines

We produce around 45 vehicles per hour, whereas one vehicle is made in less than 24 hours.

Renault Clio

Due to its sensual and sophisticated looks Renault Clio will make you fall in love with it at first glance. With its determined appearance, elegant curves, daring rims, Clio shall inspire you wherever you go. Let yourself be swept away by its sensuality.

Renault Clio is a flagship product of Revoz company. So far 2 million units of this model of different generations have been produced in Novo Mesto which represents half of production volumes in the plant’s history. Renault Clio and Revoz plant share a very unique bond enabling both parties to achieve remarkable success.

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Revoz time travel

Foundation of Agroservis - Moto Montaža company
The company’s name changes to IMV.
1967 - 1972
Cooperation with British motor Corporation
Signing business cooperation agreement with Renault company
Production launch of Renault 4
Foundation of Revoz company, production launch of Renault 5
Production launch of Clio I
Production launch of Clio II
Production launch of Twingo II
Production launch of Twingo III and Smart Forfour
Production launch of Smart Forfour electrical drive
Revoz proudly produces its 4 millionth vehicle.

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The Renault Group unites over 100,000 open-minded, dedicated and hard-working employees who join forces in conquering business challenges that the company is facing, i.e. innovation, passion and audacity for sustainable mobility for all.

Revoz is one of 35 industrial facilities of Renault Group. Our future colleagues have the opportunity to build a dynamic and diversified career.

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Contact and location

Revoz d.d.
Belokranjska cesta 4, 8000 Novo mesto, SLOVENIJA
T: 07/3315000
E: info.revoz@renault.si