Revoz company’s policy of social responsibility is based on Renault Group’s strategy. By taking into account the expectations of modern society, the Group’s strategy focuses on the following priority guidelines: mobility for everyone, road safety, respect for the environment and the development of social capital. Moreover, Revoz added some of its proper programs originating from the local environment, principaly from the field of culture and sports.

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Revoz wishes to establish mutual cooperation with the local environment. This cooperation is not aimed only at supporting the local community financially but also at sharing know-how of Revoz experts with the representatives of other companies. That being said, Revoz is a proud sponsor of some of the most popular local events.

  • Štukljevo leto event

    The events that took place in 2018 in the local environment were directly linked to the celebration of the 120th anniversary of birth of the greatest Slovenian Olympic athlete, once a local resident Leon Štukelj. Along with some other local companies, Revoz supported the event as one of the main sponsors.

  • Automotive world

    The sound of squeeling tyres, the smell of gasoline… that is when car driving becomes something else… Traditionally, Revoz supports every year’s mountain car race GHD Gorjanci and the driver Matej Grudnik.

  • Local events (The River Krka Jumps)

    Revoz knows how to pay attention to the needs of local environment. Therefore, the company supports, in one way or another, almost all local events.